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O autorovi / About Author
Datum vložení:
Date of entry:
21 September 2016
Jméno autora/autorů:
Author name(s):
Tang Qianjun
Yang Lei
Liang Mengjiao
Liu Jia
Zhou Bo
Leshan Normal University
Představení autorů:
About authors:

Qianjun Tang, born in Sichuan, 18 June 1977, hase received a master's degree in computer and technology faculty from Sichuan Normal University in 2006.
He works as a teacher of computer in Leshan Normal University. Mr. Tang was regarded as The National Excellent Tutor-training college students’ teaching skills in 2011, 2012,and 2013; he achieved the The Third Place of Teaching Achievement in Leshan Normal University in 2012 and 2013; he achieved The First Place of The 9th and 13th National Multimedia courseware competition in 2009 and 2013; and he was nominated as Excellent Staff in Leshan Normal University in 2012 and 2013.

Yang Lei, born in Chengdu, 24 May 1979, has received a master’s degree in foreign linguistics and applied linguistics from Southwest Petroleum University in 2010.
He worked as a teacher of English in Xindu Normal Training School, Chengdu Education Academy and Chengdu University. He is now a secretary of teaching management and teacher of English in Mianyang Normal University. Mr. Lei’s masteral dissertation A Multidimensional Study on the Chinese Translation of J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan was included inChinese Master's Theses Full-text Database in 2010. He earnedthe Excellent Staff Award of Teaching ManagementofMianyang Normal University in 2011 and was nominated as Excellent Staff in 2012 and 2014.

Liang Mengjiao, Zizkove nam. 5, Olomouc, Czech,
Liu Jia, Chengdu Sport University, China; Zizkove nam. 5, Olomouc, Czech,
Zhou Bo, Sichuan Normal University, China; Zizkove nam. 5, Olomouc, Czech,

O  příspěvku / About Presentation
Název příspěvku:
Title of the presentation:
ICT Makes Learning with More Attraction in Primary Education
Použitý jazyk:
Language of the presentation:
Abstrakt příspěvku:
Abstract (summary):

The development of IT has promoted the drastic change on nearly all domains in our world. But there is a paradoxical phenomenon that pupil immerse in some modern devices related to ICT, while their parents and their teachers usually hold back them using the devices. The author explains the traits of ICT, such as generalization, attraction and interestingness; next the author elaborates the features of the present pupil as the same according to the theory of cognitive psychology. At present, there are two ways to apply ICT into education; and summarize some modern characteristics of education, for example fragmentation learning, movable learning, personalized learning and learning by games, etc. After analyzing in detail, the author gives two new patterns as the examples-flipped classroom and micro lesson.

Klíčová slova:

ICT; primary education; cognitive psychology; instruction pattern

Abstract (English)
Keywords (English)
Délka příspěvku:
15 minut
Cílová skupina (více variant):
Target group:
Úroveň znalostí:
State of the knowlege:
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Příspěvek konference:
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